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LOVE the way the book closes at the end. Short and sweet and delightful, love it. Also awesome camera tracking idk if that's easy but it worked well.


I liked the story line to this game, and the music matches the game well, very cute! As said before, the movement of the egg was a bit awkward, but overall a very nice game. :)


Here is another eggceptional, eggtastical addition to the line up of the egg based games of this jam! The controls were responsive. The momentum of the egg was awkward at first. I can't quite put my finger on the why of it, but it really reminded me of that "getting over it" game. I really enjoyed the story book cutscene! It looked great. That compliment goes to your menu as well. Fantastic work!

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback!
We'll have a look at the movement and see what we can do to give it a better feel.

Thank you again! :-)